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Our Mission


Build relations with other like-minded grassroots organizations affected by genocide and conflicts to learn about their collective aspirations and contribute to the advancement of these communities for attainment of collective well-being and peace.

Our Programs


  • Establish community based integrated education initiatives leading to empowerment in all spheres of life and promotion of well-being.

  • Enhance and scale socio-economic projects initiated by AIGINET grassroots constituents especially for most disadvantaged and vulnerable groups to contribute to their self-reliance, economic independence and well being.

  • Advance cross cultural exchanges initiatives geared towards culture preservation, unity and peacebuilding.

  • Build relationships with other like-minded grassroots communities to promote socio- economic empowerment programmes fostering social cohesion and improving the welfare of the communities

  • Develop inter-generational and cross cultural exchange initiatives designed to promote peace education, culture awareness and preservation.


Our Strategy


  • AIGINET has introduced a Community Dialogue Training Program (CDTP), a training package geared towards personal growth, relationships building; knowledge sharing and leadership skills.

  • AIGINET connects and builds strategic alliances with a network of individuals and organizations to mobilize support for its constituencies.

  • AIGINET promotes peace education, culture awareness and preservation through various cross-cultural exchanges initiatives.

  • AIGINET also advocates and mobilizes supports for establishment of community centers as safe spaces for healing, learning and socio-economic advancement and cultural initiatives.

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