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AIGINET Achievements


  • 2015: AIGINET organizes expert volunteers and leads a successful needs assessment trip, solidifying its partnership with and comittment to two grassroots organizations, The Duhozanye Association and the Adar Tubahoze center.  Strategic plans are made for developing an elder care center in Butare, building capacity for geriatric and special needs medical care, improving special needs training for youth workers and improving sustainability through the acquisition of a corn processing machine. Read the Newsletter


  • 2013: AIGINET supports the production of a film documentary entitled : Duhozanye, a community of Resilience, Hope and Dignity screened at the United Nations in April during the 19th commemoration of the Rwanda Genocide against Tutsi. AIGINET also coordinated the visit to New York of Daphrose Mukarutamu, President of Duhozanye to advocate for the needs of elderly widows, survivors of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi


  • 2012: AIGINET leads a Team from USA to introduce experiential learning, a peacebuilding initiative teaching conflict resolution, mediation and leadership skills to young and adults through outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, rock climbing and ropes with the view of fostering compassionate leadership; mutual respect and trust among individuals, communities, and with the environment.


  • 2011: AIGINET leads several community empowerment programmes and mentoring initiatives involving genocide survivors and youth.


  • 2010: AIGINET organizes a Book Drive Project for Rwanda as part of its effort to facilitate a cross cultural exchange between youth from Rwanda and USA and in an effort to promote the culture of reading and English literacy. With the support of the Rwandan UN Mission in New York, the Rwandan Community in New York and friends of Rwanda, the Book Drive Project took place in partnership with Butare Rotary Club, as part of the commemoration the 15th anniversary of the genocide against Tutsi. The project delivered 3,000 books and 14 computers to 2 primary schools, 3 secondary schools, 1 private university in Huye District and a community center of genocide survivors in Bugesera District.


  • 2010: AIGINET provides two Empowerment Training Workshops for personal growth were delivered to 12 members of associations from Duhozanye and Abaruhuje. AIGINET also provided in kind support in computer equipment donated by a friend of Rwanda, Juanita Brostein.


  • 2009: AIGINET launches a two day Empowerment Workshop as a component of the Community Dialogue Training Program (CDTP). This pilot program used a training of trainers model in order to identify and build the skills of potential instructors. The training received a positive feedback from 11 women participants. Among them, Jeannette from Abaruhuje Cooperative testified that the dialogue was a life-changing experience for her and her family. Because of the new empowering technique she learnt from the training, the dreams she was envisioning for herself and one of her daughter became a reality. She has now shared the experience with 6 other women in the community.


  • 2008: AIGINET connects with two grassroots womens organizations, including a) “Duhozanye Association,” an organization of elderly genocide survivors based in the Gisagara District of the Southern Province and b) “Abaruhuje,” a cooperative of women involved in social entrepreneurship activities based in the Huye District of the Southern Province.These connections allowed AIGINET to advocate for the needs of "Orphans of Duhozanye” an organization of widows survivors of the Rwanda Genocide against Tutsi based in Gisagara District of the Southern Province. AIGINET raised funds, with the support of the Rwandan community and friends of Rwanda residing in New York, and provided 87 orphaned girls and boys with vocational trainings in sewing, knitting, hairdressing and masonry to promote self-reliance.









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