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Our Values


At AIGINET we believe that the foundation for sustainable peace starts with inner-self and radiates throughout the family and then out to the community. When people work together towards healthy personal goals, each person's potential increases and the community begins to reflect visible, incremental, positive change.

Our Vision


  • AIGINET is committed to strategic outreach engagements designed to contribute to healing as well as socio-economic empowerment of societies affected by genocides and other conflicts.

  • AIGINET seeks to develop and implement target oriented initiatives at the grassroots level in order to enhance the potential for youth and women, strengthen social cohesion, support sustainable development, empower local communities and promote long lasting peace.

The Inspiration


In 2008, I traveled back to Rwanda to finish a school project. In the quest of ways and means of contributing to the positive changes after the tragedy of 1994 genocide against Tutsi, which claimed 800,000 lives, I connected with Daphrose Mukarutamu and other survivors from the Southern Province regrouped into Duhozanye Association and Abaruhuje Cooperative. Through sharing experiences, I was able to learn the most amazing and inspiring tales of survival. Rebuilding from tears of losing husbands, children and relatives, these women did not resort to bitterness and despair, rather they organized themselves to support each other and rebuild their communities. Overtime, these resilient women moved from the state of being victims and survivors and are now strong leaders, advocates and visionary entrepreneurs striving to better themselves and for the welfare of their communities. When I asked how I could help, they invited me to join their efforts to contribute to their vision. Most of these survivors are aging and their deepest desire is to see their goals and mission expand and sustained by the next generation for the benefit of the entire community. From there, Amahoro Iwacu Grassroots Impact Network (AIGINET) was born with the idea of connecting with grassroots communities in societies affected by violence or genocide to learn about their needs throughout the healing process and contribute to the realization of their common goals and vision. Overtime, AIGINET has built a constituency of over 300 women grouped into two women collectives based in the Southern Province of Rwanda. I have learnt a lot of lessons from this experience: 1) we heal ourselves by helping others to heal; 2) when people work together towards a common vision, there are always great benefits for everyone involved. The group’s dynamics contribute to improve self, societal awareness and responsible decision making leading to peaceful and sustained coexistence.

empowerment of communities affected by genocide

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